Remembering the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre
     In the spring of 1989, Beijing erupted with the largest spontaneous demonstrations the Peoples’ Republic of China had witnessed in its 40-year history.  The pro-democracy movement quickly spread to over 40 cities around China before the world witnessed the horrors of the government’s brutal crackdown.  As the Chinese people fled from the tanks and guns, they asked the international press to let the world know the truth.   They asked the world not to forget.


Visual Artists Guild 視覺藝術家協會
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34th Tiananmen Commemoration 六四紀念 頒獎活動
& Annual Award (On-Line)


六四紀念 頒獎活動 在線


May 28, 2023 Sunday at 2 P.M. (PDT)




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Sharon Hom 譚競嫦
            Executive Director, Human Rights in China (2003-2023)
A Fulbright Professor on law, Sharon planted the seeds of the rule of law to students in China for two years and ten summers on intensive programs on law.  She guided Human Rights in China for more than 20 years in promoting human rights issues on China.

Dr. Frank De Balogh (Posthumous)
         California Leadership Council Founder/ LA County Commissioner    
Born in Hungary, Dr. DeBaloghbrought attentionto communist repressions inEastern Europe through his organizations.  As a LA County Commissioner, he consistently supported issues for the people in the County and attention to ethnic inclusions.

David Kilgour (Posthumous)
          Canadian Politician/ Author/ Lawyer
Working with Mr. David Matas, they documented and created world wide awareness to the atrocity of forced organ harvesting as a tool of oppression, genocide and profit by the government of China.

David Matas
          Human Rights Lawyer/ Author 
Together with David Kilgour as well as individually, they exposed to the world the horrific crime of forced organ harvesting by the government of China. 

Catherine Bauknight
          Photojournalist/ Filmmaker
As a human rights advocate, she has given a platform to the Catawba Indians of South Carolina, the indigenous citizens of Hawaii, and the Women’s Rights movement.  Her photos of the Tiananmen Massacre were among the first to be shown around the world.

Palden Gyatso (Posthumous)
          Tibetan Buddhist Monk
Surviving some 33 years of imprisonment and torture by the Communist Party of China, Mr. Gyatso, upon release, continued in exile to advocate for the right of freedom of religion for the Tibetans and telling his story as a clear example of the CPC's blatant disregard for human rights.

Peng Lifa 彭立發「四通橋勇士」
          Bridge Man - Sitong Bridge, Beijing
In October 2022, Peng Lifa, a physicist, unfurled two banners on a bridge in Beijing calling for democracy, political reforms and the end of China's Covid Zero policy.  He has since disappeared.

Han Wang 王涵
         University Student/ White Paper protester
US university student from China, Han Wang has been organizing and participating in many activities to support human rights in China.  He echoed Peng Lifa's calls for democracy and political reforms in China.

Jimmy Lai 黎智英
        Businessman/ Media Publisher
As a successful businessman and a media tycoon, Jimmy Lai devoted himself to the freedom of the press. He supported and dedicated himself to Hong Kong;s pro-Democracy movement, protested and condemned the National Security Law imposed by the Communist Party of China onto Hong Kong.


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