Anniversary Dr. Li Wenliang Passing; Call for transparency WHO investigation; Review of Wuhan Diary


Feb 8, 2021 On the first anniversary of the passing of Dr. Li Wenliang, Visual Artists Guild, recognizing the isolation and confusion caused by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of friends, family members and colleagues the world over, call on today to be a turning point in this pandemic to speak to and honor those to support a transparency in finding the source of this Wuhan Virus so that it can be wiped out and end this era of near Dark Ages. With members of the World Health Organization now in Wuhan, we ask that the investigators to be allowed to conduct a complete research of all the records in the hospital, in the laboratories, be able to interview front line medical staffs, researchers separately so they can speak freely and without worrying that they may be disciplined should they speak out of line of the government's narrative. Only in this co-operative and transparent manner will the world find a path through our common enemy, the corona virus.
We further ask for the release of Zhang Zhan, Fang Bin, and Chen Qiushi, independent journalists who went to Wuhan to inform the citizens about the situation in Wuhan during the lockdown. Zhang Zhan has been sentenced to four years in jail for her reporting. Both Fang Bin and Chen Qiushi have disappeared since February, 2020.
Now that we in the United States have too undergone lockdowns as well as many missteps by our own government, we thank Fang Fang for giving us daily reports of her own experience while she was under the lockdown in Wuhan in early 2020. The world now shares her experience.
Visual Artists Guild has been able to interview Tienchi Liao-Martin to talk about her thoughts on Fang Fang's book, Wuhan Diary.