Tell China: Stop The Persecution of Cheng Guangcheng!


Since 2002, China had outlawed such horrific actions by family planning authorities. Mr. Chen had helped the women to file a class-action lawsuit against the authorities in Linyi. In August, 2006 Mr. Chen was sentenced to four years and 3 months in jail with some trumped up charges. After serving his full sentence, Mr. Chen was released but was put into house arrest with thugs monitoring his movement in his hut. When friends, journalists and activists tried to visit him, they were often roughed up. In February, 2011, Mr. Chen was able to smuggle out a video of his extreme living conditions under surveillance. He and his wife were subsequently beaten severely as punishment. In December, 2011, Hollywood actor Mr. Christian Bale with a CNN crew, drove 10 hours to Mr. Chen's village with the intention to show support to Mr. Chen and to the local villagers who tried to help the family. However, Mr. Bale and his team were punched and beaten. Mr. Chen was named 2006 Time magazine 100 people who changed the world. Currently, Mr. Chen Guangcheng's health is in grave danger. The government, using local thugs are preventing him from getting any medical care. Please help Chen Guangcheng by cutting out the letter on the right, sign it and mail it to China’s Ambassador Zhang in Washington DC. April 28, 2012 Ambassador Zhang Yesui Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China 3505 International Place, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 Dear Ambassador Zhang, This correspondence is in regards to Chen Guangcheng 陈光诚, a citizen of your country who is residing in Dongshigu Village 东师古村, Linyi Prefecture 临沂市 in Shantung Province 山东省. The reason that I am writing is that Mr. Chen and his wife are currently being held under illegal house arrest. Mr. Chen was released from prison after serving his full sentence of four years and three months in September 2010. Mr. Chen’s jail sentence was related to his helping local women to file a class-action lawsuit against the local authorities for the forced abortions and forced sterilization of women. As you are well aware, since 2002 China had outlawed force by family planning authorities in carrying out China’s One-Child policy. Mr. Chen merely tried to ensure that your country’s central government’s law is followed. There is no legal basis for this ongoing detention of Mr. Chen. He and his wife have been beaten severely by either local authorities or by thugs sanctioned by the local authorities. For the last three years, the United States has contributed $50 million each year to the United Nations Population Fund and China is one of the beneficiaries of that Fund. Mr. Chen’s health is deteriorating. He should be free to leave his home and be allowed to visit a doctor and buy groceries. I am sure you must agree that it is in the interest of your government that this violence and intimidation against Mr. Chen and his wife must be stopped immediately Sincerely,