Unite Against Oppression and Dictatorship


WHAT:  HUMAN CHAIN - People of Iran, China, Ukraine and all Freedom Loving People Unite Against Oppression and Dictatorship

WHEN: Saturday, January 21, 2023

WHERE: 312 N Spring St., Los Angeles, Ca. 90012

CONTACT:  Peymaneh Abaghi 515-817-3203

                                    Han Wang 213-524-2507

At the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 started in Wuhan and spread worldwide. The Chinese government triggered a brutal lockdown to control the people. On [date], a lone protestor Peng Zaizhou held up a banner on the Sitong Bridge in Beijing protesting against dictatorship and was never heard from again. Since then, more and more people have died because of the zero-covid policy. In response, brave Chinese people took to the streets holding sheets of white paper, a symbol of the fight for freedom. This came to be known as the A4 revolution.

On Jan 21st, we are going to hold a human chain in LA with Iranian and Ukraine people to protest against dictatorship.

On September 16th, 2022, Jina Mahsa Amini who was visiting Tehran from Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, was arrested by the morality police because of her improper hijab!

She was beaten in the police custody and went into a coma and shortly died! She was killed by the gender apartheid regime and the Iran regime police. This heartbreaking event ignited a protest outside of Kasra hospital in Tehran. At her funeral in Saqqez, women waved their mandatory hijab in the air and wrote on the gravestone: Dear Jina, You will never die, your name becomes a symbol! And they chanted: Jin, Jiyan, Azadi ( Woman, Life, Freedom)

This movement started in the city of Saqqez and people in different cities raised up in solidarity with Jina Mahsa Amini, protesting Mandatory Hijab, inequality, and 43 years of suppression.

The Iran regime brutally killed and suppressed the protesters. Hadis Najafi, Nika Shakarami, Sarina Esmaielzadeh were other young teenagers and children killed by Iran Regime forces. Shortly many activists, feminists, journalists and anyone with any voice was arrested!

Baluchestan and Kurdistan region faced genocide. Unarmed people were brutally suppressed by IR Regime bullets. In Izeh, Khuzestan children like Kian Pirfalak were killed.

Despite all the suppression, people of Iran did not stop protesting. They continued and announced this is a revolution and they want the downfall of the fundamentalist Regime!

The Iranian Regime started a series of sham trial and relating false accusations to the protesters to terrify people. Mohsen Shekari, MajidReza Rahnavard, Mohammad Mehdi Karami, Mohammad Hosseini were lynched by the Regime without having access to their chosen lawyers. Other protesters' lives are in danger!

The Woman, Life, Freedom revolutionary movement inspired the Iranians in the diaspora to stand United and amplify the voice of people fighting inside Iran.

Iran Regime military support of Putin and Russian State to kill Ukrainians, united people of Iran and Ukraine to fight together for democracy and freedom!

The A4 Revolution in China also inspired many Iranians that we the people can stand together against our oppressors.

In the human chain, we want to show our solidarity and unity against the oppressors and dictatorship. Together we will be free!