Press Release: China Birth Rate: Before vs After End of One Child Policy
         After 40 years of China One child policy whereby women's rights to their bodies were trampled upon, China has changed their policy to encourage births.  Western women who now passionately support women's rights to their bodies were silent during those 40 years especially Planned Parenthood which has been a member of International Planned Parenthood of which China has also been a member.
        Many western women had been conditioned to see Chinese women as these mass uneducated peasants and accepted that they should be controlled through forced abortions and forced sterilizations.  Of course, now this created an imbalance of gender in China which caused Chinese women to be further abused.
       Visual Artists Guild has always stood up against the One Child Policy through demonstrations, performance arts and press statements.  We have always stood up for individual rights. 
       The following chart shows that without coercion, China's birthrate has gone down significantly.   When the One Child Policy was changed to two child policy in 2016, China had a birth rate of close to 18 million while in 2021, the birthrate is 10.6 million. 
       Governments have no right to dictate whether a woman should have a child or not.  If China had not interfered with nature, China would have achieved the current birth rate naturally and without years of horrific sufferings by Chinese women.         
Ann Lau