DATE: December 24, 2021
WHAT: Visual Artists Guild condemns Hong Kong government in its repression on freedom of expression.
WHEN: For Immediate Release

           On the eve when the world celebrates the birth of Christ, Peace on Earth, the Hong Kong government removed two works of art by sculptor Chen Weiming in the dead of night after already removed and dismantled the "Pillar of Shame" sculpture by Danish artist Jens Galschiot two days before.
           Back on October 10, 2021 Visual Artists Guild had successfully led more than 20 human rights and civil rights NGOs around the world in an open letter demanding United States based Mayer Brown Law Firm to rescind their agreement to represent University of Hong Kong in removing the "Pillar of Shame" sculpture.  Mayer Brown Law Firm subsequently announced their decision that they would not represent the University in seeking the removal of the statue.   Unfortunately, it was a hollow victory for freedom of expression as more than two months later the Hong Kong government dismantled the "Pillar of Shame" on December 22, 2021.
           Today, on December 24, 2021, the Hong Kong government again in the dead of night, removed two art works commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre of 1989.  Both sculptures are by artist Chen Weiming.  Mr. Chen's interpretation of the Goddess of Democracy was removed from City University of Hong Kong and his wall relief of the Spring of 1989 and subsequent Massacre, from the Hong Kong Lingnan University.
           Visual Artists Guild condemns such repression on Freedom of Expression by the government of Hong Kong in its attempt to erase the memory of the Tiananmen Massacre and the youths of China in 1989 in demanding their freedoms.

CONTACT: Ann Lau, Visual Artists Guild 310-433-0697