15 Human Rights Groups and Activist Turn Up Heat on the Eve of Beijing Olympics that Begin Amid Atrocity Crimes.  Global Groups Call for Action on Rights Concerns

Los Angeles, CA – The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will open amid atrocity crimes and grave human rights violations by the CCP Chinese government. As the Beijing games are set to begin this week, a coalition of 15 Human Rights groups, representing the Tibetans, Uyghurs, HongKongers and other groups, will come out in full force outside the Chinese consulate with speeches from the leaders, staging street theatrics mocking the CCP and the Olympics, and further highlight its grave human rights atrocities.

WHAT: 抗議北京奧運會
  • On the eve of the 2022 Beijing Olympic games, a coalition of 15 Human Rights groups will protest outside the Chinese Consulate, Los Angeles in solidarity with the global No Beijing Olympics movement.  The program includes Speeches, Street Theatre to mock the CCP regime and the Beijing Olympics.
WHEN:    2月3日星期四下午 3 點
                       Thursday, Feb 3rd, 2022 3PM
WHERE:  中領館
                        443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020

  • 14 years after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China's human rights situation continues to get worse. 
  • The sudden demise of the One Country Two Systems in Hong Kong
  • The genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang with torture, rape, forced labor inside the so-called vocational re-education camps
  • Tibetans are routinely harassed, imprisoned or tortured for expressing religious adherence to the Dalai Lama
  • The disappearance and imprisonments of human rights lawyers and dissidents inside China
  • The continued imprisonment of Wuhan citizen reporter Zhang Zhan 張展 whom Visual Artists Guild honored in 2020
  • The continued disappearance of Wuhan citizen reporter Fang Bin 方斌 whom Visual Artists Guild honored in 2020
  • We condemn the whitewashing of such atrocities through the propaganda of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Hong Kong Forum, LA - 661-304-4464
Visual Artists Guild - 310-433-0697 Ann Lau



Tibetan Association of Southern California
Tibetan Association of Northern California
International Tibet Network
San Francisco Regional Tibetan Youth Congress
Santa Barbara Friends of Tibet
Bay Area Friends of Tibet
Students for Hong Kong
Uyghur LA
Uyghur Bay Area
NorCal Hong Kong Club
China Democracy Group
Visual Artists Guild
China Democracy Education Foundation
Humanitarian China
Far East Youth League
Hong Kong Forum LA