Visual Artists Guild condemns the arrest of the trustees of the Hong Kong Humanitarian Relief Fund.

The Hong Kong government ongoing attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is now extending their attack on Freedom of Religion.

The Hong Kong Humanitarian Relief Fund is a non-government organization acting as a Good Samaritan to provide medical and legal assistance to the protesters who had been mercilessly attacked by Hong Kong's CCP controlled police force during the 2019 protests.  Up to 2 million people joined the peaceful protests including Catholic and Protestant groups.  

By arresting Cardinal Joseph Zen, barrister Margaret Ng, pop singer Denis Ho, academician Hui Po-Keung and former lawmaker Cyd Ho based on their activities with the Humanitarian Relief Fund, the Hong Kong government is violating its own Basic Law and its Bill of Rights Ordinance which guarantee the people of Hong Kong the rights as enshrined under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

By arresting Cardinal Zen, Hong Kong's government is in fact sending a chilling message to all Christians in Hong Kong; even loving their neighbor as thy selves may violate the National Security Law as imposed by Hong Kong government's master in Beijing.

Visual Artists Guild calls on all democratic governments around the world to demand the immediate release of these five activists.  
Loving they neighbor is no crime.  
Being a Good Samaritan is no offense.

CONTACT:  Ann Lau, Chair, Visual Artists Guild