SILENT VIGIL 7/18 FOR CUBA 

On Sunday, July 18, @ 3p.m.Visual Artists Guild will join Cuban Heritage L.A. for a Silent Vigil at Westwood Federal Building.  
             Please join us to show your support:

Visual Artists Guild's Statement on Cuba's Cry for Freedom

For over six decades the people of Cuba have suffered under a repressive tyranny. Today our brave brothers and sisters have gone into the streets to pacifically demand freedom and basic human rights. Once again the dictatorship has shown its intolerant and violent character sending its repressive forces against unarmed protestors. The Visual Artists Guild board is asking the international community support the Cuban people to send a strong message to President Díaz Canel of Cuba and his thugs: a blood bath will not be tolerated.Those responsible for violence against the people will be held responsible. Today is the day when we must unite and support the Cuban people We stand on solidarity with Cuba's cry for freedom.

Contact: Fernando Marquet, Member of the Board, Visual Artist Guild 310-918-4283