On the Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day Press Release: For immediate release


March 10, 2021, on the anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day.
On this day, March 10, 1959, Tibetans braved against the Chinese Communist Party's army to fight for their freedom.
For 62 years, they have kept their dream for freedom alive.
Yet throughout these many years, the world turned their back on the Tibetan struggles.
The lessons learned from the Tibetans should have forewarned Hong Kong in 1997.
The Chinese Communists Party's promise to the people of Hong Kong of 50 years unchanged proved to be not worth the paper it was on.
After only 23 years, last year, China imposed the National Security Law onto Hong Kong, effectively placing the so called One Country Two Systems to its demise.
Using the pretense of vocational training the Uighurs in Xinjiang province, China has created close to 400 labor camps with an estimate of one to two millions Uighurs.
In Tibet, over 500,000 Tibetans are also forced into labor camps in the guise of re-training.
Those who stand up for human rights, democracy and freedoms, must stand together to demand that the world pay attention.
We call on democratic countries around the world to censor China imports produced from these labor camps.
We call on freedom loving people around the world to join us in facing this calamity together.
Ann Lau
Chair, Visual Artists Guild
Visual Artists Guild is a non-profit organization that champions the right of freedom of speech and expression.