WHAT: Memorial to Dr. Li Wenliang, coronavirus whistleblower.
Demand Beijing recognize UN Right to Health which includes the right of accurate information.
WHEN: Friday, February 7. 2020. 5 p.m.
WHERE: Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China
443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, Ca. 90020
CONTACT INFORMATION: 310-433-0697, Ann Lau
On December 30, Dr. Li Wenliang first reported about a SARS like mysterious pneumonia illness in his hospital.
He was subsequently detained and accused of "spreading rumor".
On January 10, he was admitted to the hospital and subsequently determined to have caught the Wuhan virus.
Dr. Li died early morning on February 6.

With the death of Dr. Li, it is clear that Beijing's one party dictatorship is fully responsible for not only his death but the death so far of more than 500 people as reported by Beijing.
Information from inside China shows that the exact number of deaths maybe many times more as many of those who died were immediately cremated without certifying what they died of.
Despite Beijing having declared that information would be open, Beijing authorities continue to censor any information that it does not approve.


Indeed, the first news of Dr. Li's death had been deleted by the authorities and later re-issued.
Under the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Right of Health includes the right of accurate information.
WHO, which is under the auspices of the UN is unduly submit itself to Beijing's control and failed to investigate the origin of the epidemic.
This epidemic fully demonstrates the right to freedom of speech and expression as our life and survival demands on it.