Invitation to Art & Democracy VI - Call for Artists 邀請藝術與民主提交您 的藝 術作品

To All Interested Artists

Visual Artists Guild is working on two group art exhibit projects for next year. We are applying for acceptance in two locations, Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Since both of the group applications are due at the end of December so we would need your bio and sample images and/or web site by Wednesday, December 26, 2018. Please see mission statement for the group exhibit project below. We will know if our projects are chosen by both cities by the end of January 2019.

The Santa Monica venue will host the exhibit for 3-4 months and our preferred date would be May-August 2019.
The West Hollywood venue will be for a month with November-December 2019 dates.
We are also looking to include additional art on easels during opening and closing events in both venues.



1. Resumes, limited to 2-pages per person, outlining professional accomplishments or applicable life experience. Please include three professional references with contact information 

2. Submit no more than 4 images depicting the artwork that might fit in the exhibition's themes.

3. Title of each art piece with dimensions

4. Please see Mission Statement below for the exhibition themes.



* All artwork must be framed/ready to install and wall-mountable (except for display cabinet items), as there is no space for free-standing artwork in the space. Also, take into account that the gallery is a highly-traversed area and open to the public—without dedicated staff posted to continuously monitor the gallery. Delicate artworks are vulnerable in this setting, and their inclusion is not advised.

* The display space is a central hallway consisting of 9-foot high white walls, with approximately 100 linear feet total wall space and adjustable ceiling-mounted track lighting. In addition, there are two (2) lighted display cabinets (4ft.w x 6ft.h x 2ft.d) with adjustable glass shelves for small-scale, two and three-dimensional objects and fragile items.

* The City cannot display any prices or pricelists in the gallery area. However, City staff can work with artists to provide contact information for inquiries about artwork purchase, and the City does not require any profit participation. In addition, the City will ensure the artwork while on display and in the City’s possession. Artists will be required to fill out an artwork loan form stipulating the reasonable replacement value for the artwork on display.



* All artwork must be framed/ready to install and wall-mountable.  There is some space for free-standing artwork but not much.


The Visual Artists Guild has many important goals. Through this art exhibit we want to educate, provoke, stimulate and provide an opportunity for discussion between all those attending. Currently, the world community is experiencing positive and negative shifts in the political, social and environmental realms. Given the extensive connectivity available via the internet and social media, we can all respond personally to what is happening on our planet.

Around the world, many human rights are under attack or threatened. The essence of democracy includes freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of association. The non-profit organization Visual Artists Guild has for the past 33 years championed these important rights with protests, campaigns, conferences, street performance art and other peaceful methods that help shine a light when an individual's or community's rights are silenced or ignored. Our actions aim to highlight such oppression in various societies around the world.

The city of Santa Monica is one of the most diverse, progressive and artistic minded in the United States with international economic and cultural ties all around the world. By providing context and education on these important themes, the Cultural Affairs Department along with the historic venue of The Annenberg Community Beach house, which was owned by the late actress Marion Davies and the late newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst can provide a perfectly suited space with historical meaning for our 6th version of the project “Art and Democracy”.

This group is proposing a unique project that goes beyond the art exhibit which includes a series of immersive, cultural and artistic supportive experiences to take place during the opening and closing events. These will include live music, dance in the main space with video art that could be shown in a loop in the club room space, if available.

The Visual Artists Guild aims to create an art exhibit that provides an international perspective on the previously mentioned topics through the lens of local artists, many of whom are immigrants, having experienced a life much different than most people born in the United States. By bringing these distinctive artistic voices to the Santa Monica community, its visitors, tourists and neighbors, will enable dialogue and promote a greater understanding of diverse societies in their struggles to establish and support our democratic principles.

視覺藝術家協會邀請您提 交您 的藝 術作品參展第 六屆"藝術與民主"藝術展覽.
通過電子郵件將您適合展覽主題的藝術作品, 以四個藝 術品為限提交

請提供個人簡歷, 每個藝術品的標題和尺寸
了解展覽主題詳 情見上文。