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The Hand That Feeds

Activist calls for Academy to withdrawal honorary Oscar for pro-communist Jackie Chan

By Kevin Uhrich 11/10/2016


Reached for comment by the Pasadena Weekly, Lau explained her many issues with Chan, and criticized the academy's board of governors, including Steven Spielberg, for honoring the actor. 

"I think it will bring shame to the academy. It's not standing for what the academy is supposed to be," Lau told PW. "You're honoring someone who is totally the opposite of our American ideal. The ideal is to promote and standing up for the right of freedom of expression. 

"Steven Spielberg and the rest of the academy governors have to know that beyond making money and beyond reaching the Chinese audience he needs to be true to his own self and what he has done, and I feel that it's very sad for the entire American film industry," Lau continued. "There's a big difference between making money and giving up your own core values. I think the academy has sold out its core values for a few pieces of silver."