carly.jpg中國人是「需要管」的成龍,應該得到奧斯卡榮譽奬嗎?成龍在 人權、公民社會、電影禁制等領域上變了「為黨出聲」,已超越了正常人尊重普世價值的底線。你可參與聯署給奧斯卡選委會,向成龍執導奧斯卡終身榮譽 Say No!


Dear Friend,
      The Academy is planning to present an honorary Oscar to Jackie Chan on November 12, 2016.
      Please click the link below and sign the petition to oppose giving such an honor to Jackie Chan.
The reason is as below: 

        I am writing in regards to this year's decision of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Pictures to present an Honorary Oscar award to Jackie Chan.

         Having served on one of China's top political advisory committee, Jackie Chan has considerable influence regarding the government's policy of censorship of films as well as other artistic endeavors. Unfortunately, Mr. Chan has defended the Regime's censorship of films, thereby diminishing the basic human rights and civil liberties of its citizens.

           For instance, Mr. Chan had said, "I am not sure if it is good to have freedom." He further said, "We Chinese need to be controlled. If we are not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." 

           Regarding the right to protest by the citizens in Hong Kong, Mr. Chan declared, "The authorities should stipulate what issues people can protest over and what issues are not allowed."

           Such statements and actions should make him ineligible as an honoree of this prestigious award.

           One may argue that the decision to give this award should be based solely on Mr. Chan's past work in kung fu films; however, would the Academy have honored Leni Riefenstahl, one of Nazi Germany's top propagandists, solely for her innovative filming technique, creative documentary production and directorship without taking into account of her subject matter?

          Jackie Chan may still redeem himself by using his unique position to promote the human rights of his fellow Chinese people. As a native son of Hong Kong, where he gained fame and fortune, he could start by encouraging the government of China to release Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong bookseller who was kidnapped and brought to China last year, along with four other Hong Kong booksellers, and was later paraded on television "confessing" to their "crime". 

          To honor Jackie Chan at this time would be a slap in the face to all freedom loving Chinese people who value civil liberties; it is not only an endorsement of Mr. Chan's outrageous statements but also the legitimization of the regime's suppression of freedom of expression.

          Therefore, I respectfully urge the Board to reconsider its decision to honor Jackie Chan.

For information on Gui Minhai, please visit