: 感謝林榮 基憑道德良知說出被拘押真相 , 揭露中國對香港書商失踪的謊言

WHAT:   Expose China's lies about Hong Kong's missing booksellers.
               Commends Mr. Lam Wing Kee, one of the missing booksellers for his courage in speaking the truth.

WHEN:  Saturday, June 18, 2016  2 p.m. 週六2016年6月18日下 午2時

WHERE: Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China 中領 館                  
                 443 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, Ca. 90020

WHY:  When five Hong Kong booksellers were missing last year and then resurfaced on China's television claiming that they went to China mainland on their own, people were suspicious.  How could one the booksellers,  Lee Bo, entered mainland China without his Hong Kong ID which he had left at home?  Lee Bo, who has a British passport, also renounced his British citizenship on TV.
               Yesterday, Mr. Lam Wing Kee, one of the five missing booksellers who were kidnapped last year, held a press conference in Hong Kong detailing his own ordeal of being kidnapped in China when he crossed into China mainland in October last year.
               Mr. Lam told the Hong Kong press that he was blind-folded, handcuffed and taken by train to the eastern city of Ningbo, about 13 hours away.  He was interrogated and forced to sign a document admitting guilt for mailing banned books to mainland China. 
               Eight months later, Mr. Lam was allowed to return home to Hong Kong on Tuesday.  China's authorities expected him to go back to China yesterday instead Mr. Lam decided to tell the world the truth about his ordeal.

CONTACT: Ann Lau, Chair Visual Artists Guild 310-433-0697
                    Visual Artists Guild commends Mr. Lam for his courage in standing up for the truth.