1-ann-vag.jpgPlease sign the following petition: Boycott Lancôme: it has become a collaborator of repression by the Chinese government
Lancôme, the global cosmetics brand part of the L’Oreal group, just cancelled a concert it was sponsoring in which Denise Ho, a pro-democracy Hong Kong singer was supposed to participate. Lancôme claimed the decision was for "safety reason". 
However, Denis Ho is a vocal supporter of the Umbrella movement and has been criticized by the Global Time, an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.
Visual Artists Guild supports French citizen Béatrice Desgranges' call for boycott and ask that you support this call by signing at the Change.org web site below to STEPHEN MOSELY, PRÉSIDENT ET DIRECTEUR GÉNÉRAL, L’ORÉAL HONG KONG:

杯葛化妝品牌蘭蔻 成為中國政府鎮壓的合 作者
成為 法國萊雅集團(L'Oréal)旗下化妝品牌蘭蔻( Lancôme)剛取消與何韻詩合作的一場音樂會, 理由是該活動「有可能出現之安全因素」。 何韻詩是支持民主的香港歌手。
法國人Béatrice Desgranges籲全球杯葛Lancôme
請點擊下面簽署請願書香港萊 雅集團總裁 STEPHEN MOSELY