li_heping_smallest.jpg維權律師李和平簽 向奧巴馬總統請願書

Dear Friend,
          President Obama is meeting President Xi Jinping this Friday, September 25.
Please sign this petition to President Obama asking him to inquire of China's president Xi Jinping about the status of human rights lawyer Li Heping.
Please see below for the letter and please click on the link below to sign the petition

          Thank you for your unwavering support for human rights throughout these many years.

Ann Lau

Chair, Visual Artists Guild


Dear President Obama,
           As you meet with China's President Xi Jinping this week, please ask him about the current status of Li Heping, a human rights lawyer in China who has been taken away from his home by ten policemen on July 10 this year.
           Mr. Li's wife, Wang Qiaoling, has been trying to find out the whereabouts of her husband at the Tianjin Public Security Bureau which was the id of the people who took her husband but was told they did not know anything.
           Mr. Li is a Christian and is one of China's best known human rights lawyers who have defended civil rights activists, victims of forced land acquisition, Falun Gong practitioners, victims of forced abortion and has defended other human rights lawyers as well.
           Among the many international recognition Mr. Li received is the Human Rights Award from The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) representing over 700,000 lawyers from the European Union.
           Your inquiry to President Xi about Mr. Li will be most appreciated by the global human rights communities.
           Yours truly,