On November 15, 2014, the Great Firewall of China Marching Brigade of Visual Artists Guild brought attention to the people of Pasadena, California during the Doo-Dah Parade, about Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement, urging them to express support for:
Hong Kong's Universal Right to Vote
the Right to Nominate their Candidate
the Right to Elect their Leader.
Visual Artists Guild also calls on the government of Hong Kong to help
 Stop the Violence against Journalists
Visual Artists Guild Salutes the Young People of Hong Kong.
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Visual Artists Guild to bring attention to Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement supporting Hong Kong People’s Right to Vote and to Stand for Election

Visual Artists Guild’s Great Firewall of China Marching Brigade will be represented at the Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade on Saturday, November 15, to bring attention to the Umbrella Movement in support of Hong Kong people’s right to vote and to stand for election.
 In 1997, Hong Kong was returned to China under the Sino-British Joint Declaration of the principle of “One Country Two Systems” whereby Hong Kong would retain its Capitalist system.
 The chief executive of Hong Kong is currently elected by 1200 people from different sectors but dominated by the business sectors. It was agreed upon in 2007 by Beijing that by 2017 there will be universal suffrage allowing all of Hong Kong citizens to elect their chief executive; however this August, a White Paper by Beijing indicated that the candidates must be first nominated by a committee of 1200 and Beijing will approve for 2 people who are allowed to run. The people call it Fake Universal Suffrage.
 The people of Hong Kong felt they were betrayed. Students started to boycott classes starting on September 22. When Hong Kong police started to use tear gas and pepper spray against the peaceful student protesters, it galvanized the people of Hong Kong to join in the protest. In more than 5 weeks of protests, no one car has been overturned and no one store window has been broken. Dubbed the most civil of civil disobedience, protesters started using umbrellas to protect themselves; thus the Umbrella Movement is born.
 Please check out Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/676510489122933/?notif_t=plan_edited .
Ann Lau