Dear Friend,
            Hong Kong's students and citizens' protests is now on their third week with the government of Hong Kong reneged on the agreed planned dialogue for last Friday.  The young people in Hong Kong understands that they are fighting for their future as in 33 years when they are in their 40's and 50's, they will face a certain future of loss of civil liberties and under complete control of information as it is currently happening in China where Hong Kong's protests is totally censored.
            It is important that you write to your Senator and Congressional member now to ask for their action regarding Hong Kong.  A sample email is below.
            Ann Lau

Call or email your elected officials.  You can also find their Facebook and Twitter through their web site
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Sample email:

Dear Hon. Senator/Congressmember _______________,
            As Hong Kong's students and citizens continue to demand that their government honor their 2007 promise for universal suffrage in the election of their Chief Executive by the year 2017, there is evidence of Hong Kong's triad criminal elements, paid agitators, China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) Ninth Bureau, as well as the Peoples Liberation Army's involvement in starting violence, physical attacks on peaceful demonstrator and cyber attacks against protestors' smartphones.  There has also been physical attacks on Hong Kong's journalists and media.
           I ask that you join Congress's Hong Kong Caucus to monitor Hong Kong as it is on a backward slide in human rights especially in the freedom of the press.
           I ask that you follow the recommendations by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China 2014 report in:
 "renewing the United State-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992; pay attention to the development of democratic institutions in Hong Kong; China's obligations under international treaties and agreements; ensure development in Hong Kong are featured in other reports related to China; Members of Congress and the Administration increase support for Hong Kong's democracy through statements and meeetings at the highest levels and visits to Hong Kong; Hong Kong issues should be raised in meetings in Beijing with central government officials given their overriding role in deciding questions of Hong Kong's political development."
           I also ask that you make it unambiguously clear that there will be consequences if the peaceful demonstrations by the Hong Kong students is violently suppressed.
           Best Regard,
           Your Name, address and phone number