Dear Friend, Please join Hong Kong Forum today in support of Hong Kong's citizens' action for universal suffrage.
Please see Hong Kong Forum statement below.
Please tell a friend.
Ann Lau

Dear members and friends,
   Never before has the progress of democracy in Hong Kong been as critical as these past few days. We have witnessed this unelected government and its officials exercised power in its most naked form, using sheer power to suppress our rights to assembly.
   History has repeatedly proved that strong action begets only stronger reaction. We overseas Chinese must lend our full support to this reaction.
   Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles is hosting a protest outside the Chinese Consulate today

Date: Sunday, September 28th
Time: 4 PM to end at roughly 5PM.
Place: Consulate of Peoples Republic of China 433 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020.
Contact info: 323-681-9181 for Mr. Choy.

Please dress in black and bring along a yellow ribbon if possible. Do remember that the situation is very fluid, so please pay attention the news closely throughout the day. Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles