Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hon. Mike Eng
Author of California Human Right to Water
Los Angeles Community College Trustee
former California State Assemblymember

 Wu Lihong  太湖衛士 吳立紅
Environmental Crusader, Defender of Lake Tai,
China's third largest fresh water lake

Xu Jiehua  & Wu Yunlei
wife and daughter of Wu Lihong will accept the award


Saturday, August 17, 2013


11:00 a.m. Reception and Registration

11:30 a.m. Program starts
 Luncheon to follow at 12:30 p.m.


Golden Dragon Restaurant
  960 N Broadway, Los Angeles Ca 90012 phone 213-626-2039




Ann Lau, (310) 433-0697,

The Hon. Mike Eng, in 2011, while an Assemblymember, authored the Human Right to Water bill AB685, which was signed by Governor Brown last year.   making the right to water a California policy.  This is a historic legislation establishing a state policy that every Californian has a human right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible drinking water.   At the time he sponsored the bill, Mr. Eng had stated, "In far too many communities, the sole water supply is contaminated, and families unable to afford treatment are left entirely without safe water."
Mr. Eng's willingness to carry this bill forward despiteit being previously vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a testament to his perseverance in standing up for the citizens of California.

Known as Defender of Lake Tai, Wu Lihong has been trying to save Lake Tai for more than two decades.  This is China's third largest freshwater lake and provides drinking water for 2 million people. Lake Tai has been seriously polluted by nearby factories. Because of his persistent activism, Mr. Wu has been the victim of harassment and imprisonment but, paradoxically, he has also won awards, including the distinction of being named "Environmental Warrior" by China's National People's Congress (China's highest state body) in 2005.  Mr. Hu's wife and daughter are now in California to promote the cause of Mr. Wu in cleaning up Lake Tai.  They have since visited a number of Southern California water treatment facilities.

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