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WHAT:    Free the China POC 8  

               8+ cities appealfor the release of 8 prisoners of conscience in China
                  A one day 24-hour global appeal to ask the Peoples Repubilc of China to release the China POC 8 before the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony of 8-8-08.

WHEN:    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 
CONTACT:   This Press Conference/ Campaign will be conducted concurrently within a
                         24-hour one day time period at the following cities:

Los Angeles, U. S. A. -  Press Conference 3:00 p.m.
                                      Golden Dragon Restaurant ,960 N Broadway, LA Chinatown
                                      Contact Ann Lau - 310-539-0234, 310-433-0697

New York, U.S. A.     -  Press Conference 12:00 noon
                                      New York City Hall steps - 260 Broadway, NY, NY
                                      Contact: Ann Noonan 646-251-6069
Calgary, Canada       -   Press Conference 12:00 noon
                                       Consulate of the Peoples Republic of China, 1011 6th Ave SW
                                       Contact: Tom Tong 403-274-9018

Toronto, Candad      -    Press Conference 11:00 am.
                                  Chinese Canadian National Council, 302 Spadina Rd., Suite 507
                                  Contact: Mr. Cheuk Kwan +1 416 804 1527

Seattle, U.S. A.         -    Press Conference 6:00 p.m.
                                       Mosaic Coffee House, 4401 2nd Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
                                       Contact: Jane Jin  206-829-8972
Melbourne, Australia -   Contact: Anna Noonan +61 2 9333 0919 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hong Kong               -   Contact: Lee Cheuk Yan 852-27826111
Boston, U.S.A.         -    Contact: Chungchi Che  617-966-2575
Berlin, Germany       -     Video Press Conference YouTube link to video is:
      Visual Artists Guild (LA, NY, Berlin) * Reporters Without Borders / Reporters Sans Frontieres * Committee to Protect Journalists - CPJ * International Federation of Journalists (Asia Pacific) - IFJ * Step It UP * Hong Kong Alliance for Democracy in China * Hong Kong Forum * Laogai Research Foundation * Students for a Free Tibet, NY * New York City Coalition for Darfur * 8-8-08 For Burma * China Peace * Free Church for China * Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement * Movement for Democracy in China (Calgary) * Toronto Association for Democracy in China * Federation for a Democratic China (Canada) * Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Coalition (Seattle, Washington) *
To call upon the government of the Peoples Republic of China to follow the Spirit of the Olympics - the slogan of the Beijing Olympics of One World One Dream - as a symbolic gesture of good will towards sponsors and athletes of the 2008 Olympic Games.by releasing the following 8 individuals:

Huang Qi  黃琦  *  Sun Lin孫林 *  Qi Chonghuai 崇懷* Hu Jia 胡佳 
Yang Chunlin 楊春林  * Chen Guangcheng 陳光誠  * Shi Tao  師濤   * Yang Zili楊子立