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Ambassador People's Republic of China 

July 8, 2000

Dear Honorable Ambassador ______

In the spirit of the Olympics and its 2008 theme "One World One Dream", this letter is to respectfully request your support for the release of the following 8 Prisoners.

                       Huang Qi

                       Sun Lin

                       Qi Chonghuai

                       Hu Jia

                       Yang Chunlin

                       Chen Guangcheng                

                       Shi Tao                                 

                       Yang Zili.

Your support for the release of these 8 prisoners before the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony on 8-8-08 would be a great symbolic gesture of good will towards the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Releasing these 8 individuals before the opening ceremony on 8-8-08 would also bring great comfort to these 8 individuals' families and it will be a sign of good faith to the world of social and humanitarian societies at large.

We respectfully request your assistance for the above 8 individuals in obtaining their immediate and unconditional release so that they can live in peace with their families and communities. 

We request any assistance you may be able to offer so that the Summer Olympics of

8-8-08 will be celebrated as a spectacular effort by your country to build the ideal of "One World One Dream".


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